Sunday, June 14, 2015

Life Update: My Ultimate Life Goals...Live, Learn & Be Happy!

Hi Butterflies. I'll be getting new ink with some of my favorite words soon; Strength, Courage, Wisdom and Serenity. Like the rest of my tattoos, these words mean so much to me and thinking about my new tattoo started me to thinking about life and my purpose. We all have our own basic and for the most part necessary life goals such as "finish school, find a dream job, get married, lose weight, save money, be debt free, buy a house, buy a dream car, etc." but, as I approach the age of thirty (I'll be 30 in less than a month), what I want out of life is becoming pellucid to me. I simply want to live, learn and be happy!

When I say live I don't mean just be alive, I mean I want to actually LIVE and experience all that life has to offer! I want the ultimate experience of life and what it's like to truly live. I want to travel to foreign lands and experience foreign cultures. I've always had a thirst for knowledge and probably always will. I want to learn as much as my brain can absorb; and not just in the classroom but everywhere, after all "knowledge is power" right? Lastly, when I say be happy, I mean REALLY BE HAPPY. I seek the kind of happiness and inner-peace that nothing of this world can disrupt.

Trust me, I know that unless you're born into money getting to this level of living seems unreal but as the old saying goes "where there's a will, there's a way" so, all of my free time and free focus will be aimed at accomplishing my ultimate life goals.  What are some of your everyday life goals and your ultimate life goals?

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