Saturday, June 25, 2016

Visiting Texas: 2016 Comicpalooza Recap + 2017 Comicpalooza Event Dates

Hey Butterflies! I posted back in May about how I was looking forward to this year's Comicpalooza, well it was this past weekend here in Houston, Texas and it was a super cool experience as always. The Comicpalooza mobile app was a HUGE time saver again this year but the traffic in the area was really bad this year. I'm guessing it was due to the construction, Comicpalooza and the fact that the Red Soxs were in town playing the Astros; the traffic was kind of discouraging but we made it. Due to me having a ton of other obligations I didn't get to take it all in like I'd hope to, I spent most of my time driving back and forth. However, I did get to attend two literary panels, my kid met Zach Callison of Steven Universe as planned and my guy got some really awesome Batman throwing knives. I twitted about my kid's reaction to meeting Zach and he liked the tweet, I thought that was pretty cool considering most celebrities don't interact with their fan-base.

Overall we had a blast this year, besides meeting kid got to make lip gloss and explore the NASA setup which was her favorite.

One of the panel discussions I attended was "The Changing Image of the Vampire" in which author Dicey Grenor was a panelist. Part of the discussion focused on Dracula, one of the oldest and probably most popular vampire stories ever written and how many believe sexuality was well written/hidden within the book's contents compared to to most "new age" vampire stories. 

Dicey Grenor has a series of vampire books out and I stopped by her booth after the panel and picked up a signed copy of her first published book, "Sleepy Willow's Bonded Soul". I didn't pick up a light-saber or any Dr. Who keepsakes like I'd plan to but I'm just as excited about this book. I haven't started it yet but once I'm finished I'll be sure to share my thoughts with you guys.

Since the dates have already been released for next year's conference (see below) I'm making plans in advance to attend all three days and probably get a hotel in the area to avoid the traffic/parking hiccups.

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