Monday, August 1, 2016

Visiting Texas: Date Night at the Range

Butterflies, what’s the weirdest date you’ve ever been on? Ok, going to the gun range is not really weird (practice makes perfect) but it’s not romantic at all and for someone who has zero interest in guns it can be boring. Anyway, my partner is into learning about knives, swords, guns…pretty much most things you’ll see in your favorite action movie and since it’s important to explore each other’s interest we made a date of it.
  For date night we take turns doing different things that interest one of us and this time was his time and since he was already planning to go to the range I decided to tag along. Much like for our archery adventure, I found at good deal on Groupon at a range not too far from where we were having dinner and booked us a hour of range time.

The lady that checked us in was extremely rude but the nice guy that gave me a bandage kind of made up for her. Speaking of bandages, did you know that if you don’t listen to your guy who’s instructing you on proper gun technique and instead decide to hold a gun incorrectly while firing it because you think it’s as simple as point and shoot, you could injure yourself? Lol I did not, but I know now and will probably have a scar to prove it. If you’ve never shot a gun before, I definitely recommend taking a gun safety course before heading to the range and be prepared to sign a waiver. 

Overall, being in a gun range for the first time was both weird and an ok experience but this will probably be my first and last time at any gun range because they honestly make me nervous and I’m just not that into guns. 

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