Sunday, November 5, 2017

30 Days of Thanks: The Time Change Thing (Day 5)

Butterflies! I’m legit ready for bed at 6pm. Lol, I usually go to bed early anyway when I don’t have plans but now it’s like my body senses the darkness; I can’t stop yawning. I’m more of a morning person and usually rely on my internal clock to wake me or tell me it’s time for bed so I’m guessing that’s why I’m super sleepy so early. In addition to being ready for bed earlier, it also sucks that it’s going to be dark before I make it home now but in the spirit of being positive for my "30 Days of Thanks", I do like that the sun is out earlier. I feel like I’m able to get up earlier during daylight savings and I wake up feeling rested so I guess it’s a good thing?

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