Saturday, November 24, 2018

8 Advent Calendars You Should Try This Year

Hey Butterflies. Advent Calender's are used by many to count down the days until Christmas; usually starting December 1st. I started seeing advent calendars everywhere online since early last month, that inspired me to check out what other cool advent calendars were out there since December is just a few days away and of the advent calendars I found, these are my top favorite...

1) NYX Sugar Trip 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar - Beauty fanatics will love this! NYX, one of my favorite beauty brands has created a Beauty Advent Calendar that features several new shades. NYX also created a “lippie” advent calendar. The calendar features 24 different NYX lip products. Check out the NYX Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar.

2) Star Wars Socks - So you know how I like geeky cool socks and Star Wars? Well, check out this Star Wars theme Sock Advent Calendar available at Target.

3) Movie Advent Calendar - What’s your favorite Holiday movie? The first movie that came to mind for me is Home Alone, I loved watching that movie as a kid. If you enjoy staying up late watching movies, check out this Christmas Movie Advent Calendar.

4) Wine & Spirits - Now available for purchase at Aldi’s in the UK and in the US, the Aldi Wine Advent Calendar is popular this year. Also, check out Heritage Distilling Co.’s Spirits Advent Calendar.

5) Cheese Advent Calendar - For my fellow cheese lovers, So Wrong It’s Nom created a cheese advent calendar and it’s a super hit. Check out So Wrong It’s Nom’s Cheese Advent Calendar,  now available at Target.

6) Chocolate - If you’re a chocolate lover or know someone who is, check out this chocolate advent calendar. Chocolate Advent Calendar by Godiva

7) Beer Advent Calendar - This one is more of a DIY advent calendar but if you’re up for the task it could be a really cool gift idea.  DIY Beer Advent Calendar by Forkly
8) Tea Advent Calendar - Fellow tea lovers rejoice, there’s a Tea Advent Calendar

Also, what type of Advent Calendar are you using this year? Please share in the comments below.

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