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Life, Love & Relationships: Grown + Sexy Things to Do For a Date Night In Texas

Post contains adult content and is intended for readers 21 years of age or older.

How is your love life going? Are you getting a healthy balance of mental and physical affection? As an adult, embracing your sexuality and exploring your desires within reason is perfectly healthy and necessary when it comes to love and relationships. Sex is a natural part of life, though so many still treat the topic as a forbidden subject matter. If you’re looking to spice up date night with your partner, check out some of these grown & sexy things to do in Texas:

Austin Area
6/4 Texas Burlesque Festival

Dallas Area
7/8 Bare Book Club: Hystorical…Naked Girls Reading About Ridiculous History -Dallas

Houston Area 
Couples Challenge Pottery Class
Dildo Race Thursdays @ Pearl Bar  event details 
Kinky Karaoke Sundays @ Desires
Speakeasy Fridays @ Avant Garden  event details
Gallery of Erotic Art -Huntsville more info
6/3 Sugar Brown: Heaux Tales

San Antonio Area
6/4 Sexology Institute: Fabulous Fellatio -San Antonio
6/9 Love Shack: Summer Lovin'
6/11 Love Shack: How To Give Mind-Blowing Pleasure

*Virtual Events & National Days
6/9 National Sex Day
7/24 International BDSM Day
9/4 National Sexual Health Day

** Past Events **

Rough S@x for Nice Folks with Reid Mihalko -Austin  more Info
11/21 Forbidden Fruit: Fellatio 101 -Austin
12/19 Forbidden Fruit: All About An@l
2/14 FETISH: A Valentine's Affair! -Austin  more info
4/23 Pancakes & Booze Art Show -Austin
5/1 Erotic Embodiment Playshop -Austin more info

11/21 Tonight’s Conversation: Love, Sex, & Relationships  -Dallas  more info
12/5 Santa Baby…A Popup Bar -Fort Worth  more info
12/10 Bare Book Club: Ooh La La…Naked Girls Reading About Kink -Dallas
1/8 Strokes:The Adult Sip & Paint Experience -Dallas
1/14 Bare Book Club: Glamorama…Naked Girls Reading About Fame -Dallas
2/12 The Art of Seduction: Pleasure, Paint, and Poetry -Dallas  more info
2/14 Fifty Shades of Foreplay -Arlington  more info
2/19 Dallas Fetish Ball
4/30 Pancakes & Booze Art Show -Dallas

Relationship Seminar: "Let’s Talk Sex” -Houston more info 
Cowboy Up Mechanical Bull Riding Contest @ Whiskey River North Houston  more info
Ultimate Pudding Wrestling @ Ritz Houston  more info
Let’s Talk Sex: His Needs, Her Needs -Houston more info
6/5 Kinky After Dark: Paint & Sip Rated X Edition -Houston
6/26 Burlesque & Brushes -Houston  more info 
7/23-24 Black Cigar Festival -Houston
8/7 Coyote Queer @ Pearl Bar -Houston  event details 
8/13 Freaky Friday @ Desires -Houston more information
9/2 Affection Connection: Adult Game Night -Houston  event details
9/10 Painting with a Twist: “I AM”…His & Hers -Humble  event details
10/1 Houston Hemp Market 
10/29 Painting With a Twist: Steppin' In Red Bottoms -Humble  event details
10/29 Music & Mayhem at Avant Garden Houston event details
10/30 Grown & Sexy Halloween Costume Party -Houston  event details
10/30 S&M Bazaar Outdoor Market -Houston   more info
11/13 Canna -Houston
11/20 Tonight’s Conversation: Love, Sex, & Relationships  more info
11/24 Positive Understanding of Sex, Sensuality & Yourself (PUSSY) -Houston  event details
1/9 Strokes:The Adult Sip & Paint Experience -Houston 
2/13 Art Lovers: Black Love Art Exhibition  more info 
2/14 Mr Reverse It 6th Annual Valentines Dinner  event details
3/8 Sexual Health & Function -Houston  more info
3/27 Burlesque For Brunch -Houston  more info
4/20 Weedology Party
5/7 Pancakes & Booze Art Show -Houston
4/29-30 Sugar Brown’s Burlesque Bad & Bougie Comedy
5/1 Sugar Brown’s Burlesque Bad & Bougie Comedy

San Antonio
Annual Art Of Fetish & Fashion -San Antonio more info
Love Shack: How to Give Him Mind-Blowing Pleasure more info
Love Shack: Naughty Game Night | Dirty Bango & Sex Trivia -San Antonio more info
7/31 Sexology Institute: Squirt Shop -San Antonio  event details
9/16 What Dat Mouf Do: Erotic Poetry Slam -San Antonio  more info
10/13 Sexology Institute: Fabulous Fellatio -San Antonio
10/20 Sexology Institute: Spice Up Your Sex Life -San Antonio
10/22 Painting with a Twist: Simply Meant To Be (Jack & Sally) -San Antonio  event details
12/1 Pancakes & Booze Art Show -San Antonio
1/8 Sex 101: Sex Education You Didn’t Get In School -San Antonio
1/20 Herbal Aphrodisiacs Workshop -San Antonio  more info
2/12 Sexology Institute: Ultimate Orgasms -San Antonio  more info
3/19 Sexology Institute: An@l Sex 101 -San Antonio  more info
5/17 Love Shack: Celebrate Masturbation
5/21 Love Shack: Self-Love Yoga
5/26 Love Shack: Naughty Game Night

*Virtual Events & National Days
Appetite 4 Seduction: Boyfriend's Dream Date Night! Live Cooking Class for Couples -Online  more info
Sexology Institute: Making the Pleasure You Want  -Online  more info
Sexology Institute: Ultimate Orgasms -Online  more info 
Sexology Institute: Ritual Masturbation...Self Pleasure & Self Care  -Online  more info
6/18-20 ABE Weekend -Online  more info
1/12 Sexology Institute: Sex & Body Image -Online  more info
1/18 Sexology Institute:  Crystals, Stones, & Sex
2/14 Appetite 4 Seduction: Aphrodisiac Cooking -Virtual
2/22 Race & Kink: A Discussion Series  more info
3/10 Sexology Institute: Gender & Language -Online   more info
3/14 Sexology Institute: Gender & Neurodivergence -Online  more info
3/21 "Bones & Rope Hip Harness" | Minimalistic Support for Rope Bondage Suspensions  more info 
5/1-31 National Masturbation Month

P.S. Visit for safe sex resources. Safe sex everyday, all day.   XOXO -Mika

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