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Visiting Texas: Out of This World Events/Exhibits in Texas

**Note: Due to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, some of these events may have been postponed or canceled. Please do your research prior to making plans to attend any of the listed events.**

Greetings fellow Space/Fantasy fans. If you like to spend your free time staring up at the stars, learning about other planets at science museums, attending comic conventions to get closer to your sci-fi favorites or at your local pub for Harry Potter trivia night, this post is for you. I haven’t been to Comicpalooza in years but I’m still a forever fan of Greek Mythology, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Anime. If you’re also into Astronomy, Greek Mythology, Anime, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and etc, or even if you just think Aliens, Mermaids, Unicorns and Fairies are cute, check out some of the “out of this world” events and exhibits happening in Texas:

Out of This World Exhibits in Texas 
National Video-Game Museum -Frisco
Mars by Luke Jerram at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (7/1-10/7) more info
Burke Baker Planetarium at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
-Dark Side Of the Moon
-Passport to the Universe
-Unseen Universe 

Out of This World Events in Texas

October 2020
10/3 Wizard & Witches Beer Festival -Dallas more info
10/9-11 Morphinominal Expo -San Antonio
10/31 Halloween Festival  more info

November 2020
11/6-8 Worthwich Wizarding Weeknd -Killeen
11/8 Wizard Fest Dallas more info
11/13-15  Worthwich Wizarding Weeknd -Killeen


4/23-25 South Texas Comic Con 2020 -McAllen
5/21-23 Comicpalooza -Houston
10/8-10 Big Texas Comicon

*** Past “Out of This World - Events/Exhibits” ***

Museum of the Moon at the Houston Museum of Natural Science more info (now-1/6)
Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids at The Witte Museum -San Antonio more info (now-1/12)
Candytopia -Houston & Dallas

7/21 Houston Astros Superhero Day -Houston more info

September 2019
9/7-21 Mermaid Splash Fest -San Marcos
9/14 Unicorns, Mermaids, and Fairies, Oh My! -Nacogdoches More Information
9/25 Comic Book Day at Little Woodrow’s -Bellaire more info
9/28 Pinot’s Palette: Believe In Unicorns -Houston More Information

October 2019
10/4-6 AlienCon -Dallas
10/5 Harry Potter Pub Crawl -Houston More Information
10/12 Drag Diva Brunch: Harry Potter -Houston
10/12 Halloween Mask Painting -Richmond More Information

November 2019
11/8-10 Wizard World -Austin
11/9-10 Beaumont Comic Con -Beaumont more info

December 2019
12/5-8 Other Worlds Austin more info
12/6 Holiday at Hogwarts: The Tour -Denton more info
12/7 Anime Night -Houston more info
12/7 Holiday at Hogwarts: The Tour -Bryan more info
12/7-8 Nerdtacular Christmas Comic Con -San Antonio more info
12/8 Harry Potter Trivia, Inspired Menu & Drinks -League City more info
12/14 Mermaid Society “Art Squared Art Market -San Marcos
12/20 Holiday at Hogwarts: The Tour -Austin more info
12/27 Holiday at Hogwarts: The Tour -Houston more info
12/28 Holiday at Hogwarts: The Tour -Dallas more info
12/29 Painting with a Twist: Mermaid Lounge  -San Antonio more info
12/29 Harry Potter Trivia, Inspired Menu & Drinks -League City more info

January 2020
1/18 Wizards & Witches Beer Festival -Houston
1/25-26 Victoria Comic Fest more info
1/31-2/2 Anime North Texas -Arlington

February 2020
1/31-2/2 Anime North Texas -Arlington
2/8 Marvel vs. DC Pub Crawl -Houston more info
2/15 North Texas Comic Book Show 2020 -Dallas more info

March 2020
3/10 Harry Potter Trivia -Houston
3/13 Permian Basin Comic Con -Midland
3/13 Cork & Canvas- Moonlit Mermaid -Galveston more info
3/13 Magic: The Gathering -Fort Worth more info
3/14 Painting with a Twist: Moonlit Mermaid -Texarkana more info
3/14 Wand Making Workshop -Houston  more info
3/14 Mermaids at Middleton -San Marcos more info
3/16 Wand Making Workshop -Corpus Christi
3/21 Painting with a Twist: Mermaid Lounge -Abilene more info
3/21 Wand Making Workshop -Austin
3/27 Science Fiction Trivia Night -Austin more info

April 2020
4/4 Mermaid Festival -Mission more info
4/24 South Texas Comic Con 2020 -McAllen
5/22-24 Comicpalooza -Houston CANCELED

June 2020
6/6 Painting with a Twist: Dancing Mermaid -Abilene more info
6/11 Spaceship Earth/Apollo 11 Double Feature -Hockley
6/11 Pinot’s Palette: Cosmic Island -Houston more info

July 2020
7/2 World UFO Day
7/2 Pinot’s Palette: Edge of Space and Time -Houston more info

August 2020

8/4 Houston Astros NASA Night -Houston more info
8/6 Pinot’s Palette: Neon Glowing Moon -Houston more info
8/21-23 Galveston Island ESports Summit
8/21-23 Anime Austin CANCELED

P.S. If you’re more interested in things of this world please check out some of the food/beverage events and cultural events going on throughout Texas.

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