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Visiting Texas: Health & Wellness Events in Texas

Butterflies, you know the sayings “health is wealth” and “if you don’t have good health, you don’t have nothing”? Well, they’re true and should serve as reminders to us all to make our wellbeing a priority. 
Self-Care is a vital part of longevity so whether you are just starting out, trying to refocus or if you’re just trying to improve your overall wellness; mind, body, and soul, check out these cool events focusing on health and wellness in Texas (this list is updated monthly):

Austin Area
Republic Square Park Fitness (Saturdays) -Austin more info
5/31-6/2 KetoCon - Austin
6/22 Vino Vinyasa Yoga -Austin
7/27-28 Mind Body Spirit Expo -Austin  more info

Dallas Area 
Goat Yoga Dallas  more info
7/20-21 Texas Wellness Expo -Grapevine

Houston Area 
Houston Healing Circles  more info
Goat Yoga Texas
Core Focused Yoga  (Tuesdays)
Tai Chi (Saturdays)
5/10 Houston Hemp Market
5/23 3Nigma Metaphysical Market -more info
6/15 Vino Vinyasa Yoga -Houston
San Antonio Area
5/5, 19 The Healing Arts Market & Festival -San Antonio
6/2 The Healing Arts Market & Festival -San Antonio

Other Cities 
5/7 Wellness Workshop: Stretching/Foam Rollers -Granbury  more info
6/18 Natural Approaches to Anxiety & Depression -Granbury  more info
8/20 Ear Well Workshop -Granbury  more info

*Virtual Events + National Days
3/6 National Black Balloon Day (overdose awareness)
5/1-31 Mental Health Awareness Month
5/1-31 National Masturbation Month
6/14 World Blood Donor Day
9/1-30 National Suicide Prevention Month
9/4 National Sexual Health Day
9/10 National Suicide Prevention Day
10/1-31 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
10/10 World Mental Health Day

** Past Events **
Ultimate Women’s Expo -Austin
Paleo f(x) -Austin
8/17 Mental Health Support Groups: Goal Setting and Identifying Your Purpose Yoga -Austin  more info
8/26 Austin Loc Festival  -more info
8/29 Mental Health Support Groups: Limitless Thinking Yoga -Austin  more info
9/14 Mental Health Support Groups: Self-confidence & Self-love Yoga -Austin  more info
9/19 Mental Health Support Groups: Resiliency Yoga
10/9 Mental Health Support Groups: Workplace Stress Meditation -Austin  more info
10/19 Mental Health Support Groups: Self-Care at Work Meditation -Austin  more info
10/21 Fit 4 The Call: Health & Wellness Conference  more info
11/3-4 Texas Hemp Harvest Festival
11/7 Mental Health Support Groups: Reducing Holiday Stress Yoga -Austin  more info
11/29 Mental Health Support Groups: Healing and Recovery Yoga -Austin  more info
12/8-10 Austin Tantra Festival
12/14 Mental Health Support Groups: Imposter Syndrome Meditation -Austin  more info
2/17 Trap Yoga at YTX Yoga Studio  more info

Texas Wellness Expo -Waxahachie
Holistic Fair -Fort Worth
Feel Good AF Wellness Festival -Dallas
9/30-10/1 Ultimate Women’s Expo -Dallas
1/13-14 Texas Wellness Expo -Grapevine
3/23 Women’s Health Fair  more info
3/30 Women's Health Is Wealth Conference: Women's Month Edition  more info

Texas Southern University Health Fair -Houston
Ultimate Women’s Expo -Houston
Mindful Medicine Market at Crystal Yoga Studio -Missouri City  more info
8/13 Traders Village Health Fair
9/9 League City Community Health Fair
1/12-13 Houston Marathon Health & Fitness Expo
1/14 Mindful Medicine Market at Crystal Yoga Studio -Houston
3/16-17 Texas Wellness Expo -Conroe

San Antonio 
9/21 Sexology Institute: Pelvic Floor Wellness Workshop  -San Antonio
11/14 Love Shack: Taking Control of Your Core and Pelvic Floor -San Antonio
11/25 Love Shack: Yoga + Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor -San Antonio
2/3 Health & Wholeness Fair -Schertz

Other Cities
11/4 Armed Forces Natural Hair & Health Expo -Killeen
3/19 Wellness Workshop: Understanding Women’s Hormones -Granbury  more info

*Virtual Events + National Days
9/28 Sexology Institute: It’s My Pleasure: Reclaiming Your Boundaries After Sexual Harm -Online

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