Friday, January 10, 2020

Life, Love & Relationships: Sexy Holidays to Celebrate

Friends, lovers, and connoisseurs of kink, if you’ve been enjoying my list of Grown + Sexy Things to Do in Texas, you’ll love this. Add a little spice to your love life, check out my list of sexy holidays to celebrate with your partner this year.

January (the third Friday) International Fetish Day
January 21st National Hugging Day
February - National Condom Month
February 1st Work Naked Day
February 3rd - National Booty Pic Day
February 5th National Shower With a Friend Day
March 3 International Threesome Day
March 14th is Steak & BJ Day (the guy version of Valentines Day)
March 24th National Side Boob Day
April - National Booby Cupcake Week
April 18th National An@l Sex Day
April 18th National Titty Pic Day
April 22nd International Titty Day
April 23rd National Lovers Day
April 24th National Lingerie Day 
May - National Masturbation Month
May 3rd Grab a Boob Day
May 4th International Naked Gardening Day
May (first Friday) no pants day
June 9th (6/9) is National Sex Day
June 12th Red Rose Day
June 22nd No Panty Day
July 1st National Flash a Trucker Day
July 5th - National Wear a Thong Day
July 6th International Kissing Day
July 14th National Nude Day
July 21st National Hand Job Day 
July 24th International BDSM Day
July 31st National Orgasm Day
August 3rd National Grab Nuts Day
August 5th - Underwear Day
August 23rd - National Go Topless Day
August 25th - Kiss & Make Up Day 
September - National Sexual Health Month 
September 4th - Sex Health Day
September 7th - Freak in The Sheets Day
October - National Kink Month
October 13th - no bra day
October 21st International Fisting Day
November 4th National Sex Toy Day

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