Monday, May 7, 2018

Sexy Vibes: Celebrate National Masturbation Month with Sweet Vibrations

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Hi Butterflies. In case you didn’t know, it’s National Wankers Month (lol)! I feel like this is another topic that society has made so taboo that no one wants to talk about it although it’s a natural part of life and when it’s done in moderation (like most things), it can be a healthy alternative to self medicating for stress/anxiety issues and a healthy alternative to sex it self because let’s face it, making the decision to have sex comes with risks. Not too long ago I shared with you guys a few ways you could show yourself some love and enjoying some alone time with your body made the list. I like to think of masturbation as an important (not vital) part of my self care routine and if you really think about it, our sexual health is a part of our self care. 

As I mentioned in the post a few weeks back, I recently received some personal intimacy products from Sweet Vibrations that are designed for women and I enjoy them so much that I thought I’d share them with you guys. At first glance they may seem a little complicated to use but in all reality they’re really easy to operate. I use them when I need to relax; they’re compact, quiet, easy to clean, rechargeable and does exactly what they’re designed to do. Best part? No more batteries! The three products that are available from Sweet Vibrations are the Pixie, The Perfect Match, and my favorite the Girl’s Best Friend. 

The Girls Best Friend is my favorite because honestly in my opinion it provides the best orgasms and I’m sure that has to do with the way it’s designed. It has two functions, clitoris stimulation and g-spot massager and several different settings so you have to just find which works best for you. It is kind of loud when you first turn it on but it gets quieter once you start using it. All three massagers are available for purchase on

Sexy Fun Dates:

January (the third Friday) International Fetish Day 
March 14th is Steak & BJ Day (the guy version of Valentines Day)
April 23rd National Lovers Day
April 24th National Lingerie Day 
June 9th (6/9) is National Sex Day
June 22nd No Panty Day
July 6th International Kissing Day 
July 31st National Orgasm Day
September 4th World Sexual Health Day

Visit for safe sex resources. Safe sex everyday, all day. 


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