Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Event Trends: 2020 Celebration Trends

Butterflies, it’s 2020…the year of COVID and all of this madness has definitely brought to light a few new event trends. M
ost of the things we enjoy have been put on hold because of covid but as humans we adapt to changes and find alternative ways to get things done…zoom parties are just one example. Below we’re sharing with you some of our favorite celebration trends of the year:

Face coverings are now apart of our daily routine and because of that, outfits with matching mask are now a thing. JuneSilkShop on Etsy has beautiful handmade mulberry silk mask that will look great for any special occasion. 

Drive-by celebrations as well as virtual celebrations are a thing now. With all of the drive-by celebrations taking place…custom yard signs are a huge thing now. Yard Cardagrams is one of my favorites here in Texas for this trend.

The gender reveal trend is still going strong and continues to evolve, what is the crazy gender reveal you’ve seen so far?

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