Sunday, October 10, 2021

Mental Health: Tips For Surviving a Toxic Workplace Environment

Butterflies, unless you were born into money chances are you’ve had to work for it. The side effects of a toxic work environment can wreck havoc on your personal life if you let it. Staying focused and remembering what your ultimate goals are is how you push through it. 

In honor of World Mental Health Day, below are a few resources for surviving a toxic workplace:

I came across a couple of very useful articles posted on about toxic workplaces. One of the articles discusses signs of a hostile work environment and the other covers how to handle it; “How To Handle a Toxic Workplace”. If you’re on TikTok, I definitely recommend you check out @jermaine5821_, she shares some really great tips for balancing your work and personal/home life and on a lighter note…check out @yoofresh for some extremely relatable workplace humor. Also, as we watch the great resignation unfold before us, this ig slide I found @embracingblackculture about dealings at the workplace is so freaking relatable…check it out.

In addition, for most people including myself the ultimate goal is freedom; to prosper, build wealth and just enjoy life but we often get comfortable in our routines and current situations and forget about our own goals. The following quote is one of my daily mantras and one of the things that keep me going; have you heard the quote, “do what you have to now so you can do what you want to later”? This is your reminder to get uncomfortable and focus on you!!

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