Friday, January 7, 2022

Music: New Balance By Jhené Aiko

Butterflies, we survived another year…Happy New Year! What are your goals for the year? What are you hoping to accomplish? I try to update my vision board at the start of each year to help me stay focused on my goals and life’s purpose and in the process, for the last five years this song seems to always pop in my head.

New Balance was featured on Jhené Aiko’s second studio album titled “Trip”; the album was released in September of 2017. This song is easily one of my favorite songs of all times; for me it’s about finding peace. What about you? What do you think? Check out my favorite lyrics from the track and the music video (audio only) below:

My favorite lyrics from New Balance by Jhené Aiko:

Most of us are angry
Most of us are strangely, more alike than we'd like to believe
Most of us are empty
Most of us are simply, more alive in the scenes of our dreams

Then there’s you…
You've got something I've been wanting, you're so new
You're my salvage, you're my balance… you're so new

Most of us are hurting
Most of us are searching; someone to love, someone to understand
Most the time I'm fighting multiple voices residing in my head

Then there's you…
You bring silence to my violent truth

Turned all my days into brighter days, even when people say what we do is not okay
Who cares what other people say? Man fuck what other people say

Most of all I am thankful; you are just what I prayed for, you are what I was made for
I just want to mean the most to you
Most of all, baby, I'm just tryna grow with you

Some of us do find the one, to fall in love and off of the…fucking face of the earth with
Some of us do deserve it, a love that's true and perfect

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