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Music: Best Babyface Songs + Collaborations of All Time

I heard an audio clip from one of the rock bands I listen to (I forgot which one) and they mentioned that Babyface helped with a few of their hit songs and I remember thinking that’s pretty cool considering Babyface’s primary genre is R&B/Soul. I also just recently discovered that he has written for Whitney Houston, P!nk, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, BeyoncĂ©, Aretha Franklin, Colbie Caillat and so many other popular musicians.

I grew up listening to Babyface and it’s wonderful to see is musical influence still be admired and appreciated. This title gets thrown around a lot but, he is truly a musical genius and since it’s Babyface’s birthday (April 10th, he’s an Aries), I would like to celebrate his art and legacy. Below are a few of my favorite Babyface tracks and collaborations to date:

Can’t Stop Now -Babyface (Grown & Sexy 2005)
Chivalry -Babyface (Lovers 1996)

Comfortable -Lil Wayne ft. Babyface (The Carter III 2008)
Drama, Love & 'Lationships -Babyface (Grown & Sexy 2005)
Exceptional -Babyface (Return of The Tender Lover 2015)
Every Time I Close My Eyes -Babyface (The Day 1996)
For the Cool in You -Babyface (For the Cool in You 1993)
Grown & Sexy -Babyface (Grown & Sexy 2005)

I Care 'Bout You -Milestone (Soul Food Soundtrack 1997)
Let’s Be Romantic -Babyface (Tender Lover 1989)
Love Makes Things Happen -Pebbles ft. Babyface (Always 1990)
Mad Sexy Cool -Babyface (Grown & Sexy 2005)
Never Keeping Secrets -Babyface (For the Cool in You 1993)
Solid -Ty Dolla $ign ft. Babyface (Free TC 2015)
Someone To Love -Jon B ft. Babyface (Bad Boys Soundtrack 1995)
Soon as I Get Home -Babyface (Tender Lover 1989)

Sorry For The Stupid Things -Babyface (Grown & Sexy 2005)
The Gettin' To Know -Babyface (Grown & Sexy 2005)
This Is For The Lover in You -Babyface (The Day 1996)
Tonight It’s Goin' Down -Babyface (Grown & Sexy 2005)
Two Occasions -The Deele (Eyes of A Stranger 1987)

When Can I See You -Babyface (For the Cool in You 1993)
What If -Babyface (Face2Face 2001)
Whip Appeal -Babyface (Tender Lover 1989)
Wonderful Tonight -Babyface (Playlist 2007)
You Make Me Feel Brand New -Babyface (Lovers 1996)

8 Songs That Where Written by Babyface

Always In My Heart -Tevin Campbell 
Breathe Again -Toni Braxton
Broken Hearted Girl -Beyoncé
Let It Flow -Toni Braxton
Red Light Special -TLC
Sitting Up In My Room -Brandy
We Belong Together -Mariah Carey
Why Does It Hurt So Bad -Whitney Houston

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