Saturday, April 16, 2022

Event Trends: Cool Places To Get Hitched in Texas

When it comes to selecting a venue for you and your partner’s special day or for any other special occasion you may be celebrating, it’s important to find a location that will both accommodate and wow your guest. 

If you’re non-traditional and are looking for a unique place to get married in Texas, these locations are quirky and filled with extras:

Chapel Dulcinea | Austin, Texas

Know as “The Free Wedding Chapel”, Chapel Dulcinea is a good option if you’re on a budget or want to host a small week day ceremony.

Dallas World Aquarium | Dallas, Texas

If you’re a mermaid/merman at heart or if you’re just a huge fan of sea life, Dallas World Aquarium is definitely the place for you to celebrate your big day.

Fort Worth Zoo | Fort Worth, Texas

One of the most popular zoos in North America is located right here in Texas and you can host your wedding there. Fort Worth Zoo can accommodate both small and large weddings.

Houston Museum of Natural Science | Houston, Texas

If discoveries of this planet and outer-space intrigue you or if you’re just a lover of science in general, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is the place to host your wedding.

Houston Party Boats | Houston, Texas

If you’re local aquarium just won’t do and getting hitched at sea has always been a dream of yours Houston Party Boats is the next best thing.

Quixotic World | Dallas, Texas
How do you feel about the circus? If you enjoy them or just want to create a unique experience, Quixotic World is the perfect place for your wedding and the best part is you don’t have to decorate.

SycamoreVille | Pasadena, Texas

If a rustic wedding is more of your style , Silver Sycamore also known as SycamoreVille is the place for you. This all-inclusive venue has everything you need to make your wedding day memorable, there’s even a restaurant on site; Pine Street CafĂ©.

Station 3
| Houston, Texas

A historic event venue; once the headquarters for Houston’s first fire station.

Texas Renaissance Festival | Todd Mission, Texas

A multi-month fall festival dedicated to remembering medieval times. The Texas Renaissance Festival is a Renaissance fair that has been held annually in Todd Mission, Texas since the 70’s but did you know you can get married there?

The Chapel of Love | Bee Cave, Texas

Why go to Vegas when you can elope right here in Texas? The Chapel of Love is located in the Austin area and is a cute little country spot for an intimate wedding.

The Ice Plant Bldg | La Grange, Texas

A historic building located in downtown La Grange, now home of The Ice Plant Bldg event venue.

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