Friday, July 24, 2020

Life Love & Relationships: Alternative Commitment Jewelry

Butterflies,  how do you feel about traditional wedding rings? I enjoy and respect tradition but, I also enjoy and love being myself and making my own choices. I love to see people choose non-traditional wedding jewelry or no jewelry at all. I think getting matching tattoos would be a fun alternative to wedding rings and exchanging gifts that build wealth like stocks and bonds would be a smart alternative to traditional wedding jewelry, not to mention it would also be financially beneficial to you and your partner’s future. 

However, if you prefer to stick with jewelry, matching bracelets or anklets are also a neat alternative to traditional wedding rings. In the BDSM world when you decide to commit to your person you typically gift them a collar which is basically a choker necklace and like traditional engagement/wedding rings, collars are a symbolic gesture of endearment and the collar represents your commitment to your partner.

What non-traditional commitment gift would you consider?

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