Thursday, July 28, 2022

Visiting Texas: Modern Art Museums in Texas

Butterflies, if you’re a fan of art then you are definitely in for a treat. What I enjoy about most modern art museums is that the venues where the art is displayed is typically smaller and more intimate and the art is usually created by several different local artists. Below are a few of the most popular permanent and temporary/pop-up art museums in Texas:


Museum of Ice Cream | Austin, Texas 

Wonderspaces | Austin, Texas


Museum of Illusions | Dallas, Texas

Rainbow Vomit | Dallas, Texas
Color focused art installations.


Hardy & Nance Studios | Houston, Texas
Monthly shows displaying art from local artist.

Houston Selfie Museum | Houston, Texas
Interactive art, take photos with the art as your background.

Melanin Muse Art | Houston, Texas
Art community showcasing the art of black artist.

Modern INK | Houston, Texas

Museum For Black Girls | Houston, Texas

The Weekend Pop-Up Gallery | Houston, Texas

The W.O.W Gallery | Houston, Texas
Celebrating the achievements of women throughout history.

San Antonio

Hopscotch | San Antonio, Texas

Interesting Art Facts:
•April 15th is World Art Day 
•Vincent van Gogh suffered suffered from mental illness and only sold one painting (on record) while he was alive.

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