Thursday, July 28, 2022

Visiting Texas: Modern Art Museums in Texas

Butterflies, if you’re a fan of art then you are definitely in for a treat. What I enjoy the most about a lot of the newer modern art museums is that the venues/spaces where the art is displayed is typically smaller and more intimate and the art is usually created by several different local artists; local artist deliver some of the most passionate pieces. Below are a few of the most popular permanent and temporary/pop-up art museums in Texas:


Guzu Gallery | Austin, Texas
Pop culture art gallery and toy store.

Museum of Ice Cream | Austin, Texas 
Ice Cream lovers, this is for you. A museum dedicated to ice cream.

Wonderspaces | Austin, Texas


Museum of Illusions | Dallas, Texas

Rainbow Vomit | Dallas, Texas
Color focused immersive art museum with multiple selfie worthy installations.


Hardy & Nance Studios | Houston, Texas
Monthly shows displaying art from local artist.

Houston Selfie Museum | Houston, Texas
Interactive art, take photos with the art as your background.

Melanin Muse Art | Houston, Texas
Art community showcasing the art of black artist.

Modern INK | Houston, Texas

Museum For Black Girls | Houston, Texas
Created to uplift and inspire melanated girls and women.

The Beer Can House | Houston, Texas
Covered with beer cans, bottles, and other beer paraphernalia. This once Houston home of John Milkovisch, is now a notable Houston museum located in the Montrose area.

The Weekend Pop-Up Gallery | Houston, Texas

The W.O.W Gallery | Houston, Texas
This art museum focuses on celebrating the achievements of women throughout history.

San Antonio

Hopscotch | San Antonio, Texas

Other Cities

Texas Quilt Museum | La Grange, Texas
A museum dedicated to quilt art.

Interesting Art Facts:
•April 15th is World Art Day 
•Vincent van Gogh suffered suffered from mental illness and only sold one painting (on record) while he was alive.

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