Sunday, August 7, 2022

90’s Music Spotlight: Dreamlover by Mariah Carey

Butterflies and fellow lambs (iykyk), what’s your favorite Mariah Carey song? I have several, it’s kind of hard to pick just one but this song is definitely in my top 5 favorite MC songs. Mariah’s rendition of the 1959 song Dream Lover by Bobby Darin, Dreamlover was released in August of 1993 on her third studio album title Music Box. Check out the song and my favorite lyrics from the track below:

My Favorite Lyrics From Track:

I need a lover to give me
The kind of love that would last always
I need somebody uplifting
To take me away

I want a lover who knows me
Who understands how I feel inside
Someone to comfort and hold me

Dream lover come rescue me
Take me anywhere you want to baby now
I need you so desperately
Won't you please come around
'Cause I wanna share forever with you baby

I don't want another pretender
To disillusion me one more time
Whispering words of forever
Playing with my mind

The kind of love that won't fly away
I just want someone to belong to everyday of my life

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