Friday, December 2, 2022

In the Kitchen: Celebrity Wines & Spirits

What’s better than sitting back and relaxing while sipping on a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage? Sipping on a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage by one of your favorite celebrities. Whether you’re a clear, brown, white or red connoisseur, there’s a celebrity adult beverage for you. Below are a few celebrity wines and spirits for you to give a try:

19 Crimes (Wine) -Snoop Dogg

Blackened (Whiskey) -Metallica

Blue Chair Bay (Rum) -Kenny Chesney

Ciroc (Vodka)- Diddy

Drops of Jupiter (Wine)- Train

D'ussé (Cognac) -Jay-Z

Mansion No. 9 (Wine) -Post Malone

The Dreaming Tree (Wine) -Dave Matthews

Virgina Black (Whiskey) -Drake

P.S. Please drink responsibly.

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