Saturday, December 3, 2022

Music: Downers by Greentea Peng

Greentea Peng is a neo-soul/alternative r&b artist from London, UK. Downers by Greentea Peng was released as a single in July of 2019, check out the video and my favorite lyrics from the track below:

My Favorite Lyrics From The Track:

Felt empty now for hours
Lost my powers

Hard to see the value in these half-hearted encounters
Can't deal with the truth
So we just change the world around us
To feel and smell just like we want it to

Getting high to get by
Clear my mind, yeah, blue skies

Stuck inside a space
I have created for myself
To be 'round no one else
I'm working on my spells
To get me out here

Oh, yeah, your words are wisdom
Oh, yeah, you keep on giving
But nah, there's no forgiving
And, yeah, I'm over thinking
Some days I am just sinking
Static, nah, I ain't driven
Talking, but I ain't listening

Feeling fucking lonely
Like no one even knows me
Not even my own homies

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