Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Music: I Am Woman by Emmy Meli + Celebrating Women’s History Month

Butterflies, this song was super popular on TikTok last year and I think it’s the perfect song to help celebrate the start of Women’s History Month. Check out the song I Am Woman by Emmy Meli and my favorite lyrics from the track below:

My Favorite Lyrics From Track:

I am woman, I am fearless
I am sexy, I'm divine
I'm unbeatable, I'm creative
I am feminine, I am masculine
I am anything I want
I can teach you, I can love you

I am classy, I am modern, I live by my own design
I'm electric, I'm bass, I'm the beat of my own drum
I could make your goosebumps raise with the tracing of my thumb

Only love can get inside me
I move in my own timing
Voice of the future, speak to me kindly
I feel what I want and somehow it find me

Hear no evil, speak no evil
I am earthly, I am heaven
I am what I like to be
When I ask for what I want
Somehow it find me

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