Friday, January 26, 2024

Life, Love, and Relationships: Partner Appreciation

How do you show your partner you appreciate them? An even better question is how often do you show your partner that you appreciate them? If you only show your partner love on their birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day then you could definitely stand to show more love. I get it, we all get busy with life and forget about the things/people that matter the most. Life’s too short to not love on our loved ones as often as possible; to help you remember, below are some alternative holidays meant for showing your significant other appreciation.

National Spouses Day -January 26th
World Marriage Day February 11th
Valentine’s Day -February 14th
National Husband Appreciation Day -April (3rd Saturday)
National Lover’s Day -April 23rd
National Bae Day -June 10th
National Girlfriend Day  -August 1st
National Couples Day -August 18th
National Wife Appreciation Day -September (3rd Sunday)
National Boyfriend Day -October 3rd

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