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Self-Care: 7 Ways to Better Your Mood When Feeling Down

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Hey Butterflies. Question...has the entire world gone mad? I mean just within a few seconds of looking at any mainstream media source you'd think so, right? It's evident now more than ever that there's a mental health crisis that's effecting the entire world and needs to be addressed. If you've been following me over the years you know that I’ve struggled with anxiety/depression most of my life and finally (about three years ago) decided to see a counselor who really helped me sort some things out.

Anyway, since May is National Mental Health Month and I'm a strong advocate for keeping your mental in check, I thought I'd share a few ways I cope with depression but first let me say if you feel like you might be a danger to yourself or someone else PLEASE reach out to a counselor or at least someone you feel comfortable talking with. Even if you think you're just feeling down for the moment, I still suggest finding someone to talk to. Some people suffer from depression and may not know it or refuse to accept it out of fear of being judged but speaking from personal experience, talking to someone about what you're feeling just might help. This is how I cope...

1. Pray - I'm not a religious person but I do believe in a higher power and praying has gotten me through some of my hardest times. Even if you're not religious or don't believe in a higher power, what harm could it do? To me praying allows me to vent and get things off my chest, it's like having someone with non-judgmental ears listen to you for free.

2. Exercise...or Eat? - Keep it simple and just go for a walk. Walking is not only a good physical activity, it's also a good way to clear your mind and gain new perspective. If physical activity isn't really your thing and or if you know you tend to eat more when you're feeling down, at least give your body a break from processed/fast-food (your body and wallet will thank you). Instead, try surrounding yourself with only healthy eating options that way you're not feeling guilty for eating horribly later.

3. Get Pampered - Treat yourself to a facial or a massage or just keep it simple and try a new nail color, its the perfect pick me up and with spring here it's a good time to tryout some fun colors. Get a new hairstyle, I don't suggest going out and getting a pink mohawk unless that's something you won't regret the next morning. Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, try a different cut, color, or add some extensions.

4. Try a Little Retail Therapy - Treat yourself...accessories, makeup, or a new journal are just a few inexpensive things you can get to help lift your mood when you're down. If your budget allows it treat yourself to something new but, it doesn't have to be crazy expensive; visit your local resale shops...they often have gently used unique items for a fraction of the cost you would pay if you purchased it new. or your local beauty supply store is another option also, they both often have really cute accessories for less.

5. Use a Life Line - Call up some friends or family members and get out the house! - Fresh air is good for your body and laughter is good for your soul. However, keep in mind that it’s ok to vent to a good friend every once in a while but don’t make it a daily habit. Unloading your issues on to someone else constantly is not healthy for either person and can definitely cause problems later. 

6. Indulge In the Arts - Pick up some self help books, watch an uplifting movie and/or listen to some music. Nothing about love or life (although most of my favorite songs are about love and life), I suggest anything that makes you want to get up and move. Check out my Positive Vibes Playlist.

7. Find the Cause of Your Depression - This is probably the most important of all my tips, figuring out what is making you feel this way is vital to your mental health. If the root to your sadness is something you can control, change it. For example, if you don't like your current job find a new one, I quit a toxic job almost two years ago and I'm doing just fine, actually MUCH BETTER. If someone in your life is draining the life right out of you, stay as far away from them as possible. Toxic people have a way of making their negative energy and bad mood your problem. If you are unhappy with your appearance or your current living situation, do everything you can within reason to change it or just learn to love it.


8. Repeat as often as needed! ;-)

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  1. has always helped me smooth and my frustration and confusion doing some of my darkest moments.


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