Sunday, September 6, 2020

Wellness: 10 Products for the Discrete Bad Girl

Post contains adult content and is intended for readers 21 years of age or older.

Butterflies this is an interesting month, not only is it National Pleasure Your Mate Month and World Sexual Health Month; National Freak In the Sheets Day (September 7th) and National Weirdo Day (September 9th) is also this month. With that being said, I encourage you to educate, meditate, and elevate your sexy self. In celebration of discreet bad girls everywhere who handle their business by day and de-stress by night (safely), here are a few super discreet products every good-bad girl should try:

Ankle Bracelet Pipe -Toke on the go with this wearable ankle pipe from Daily High Club.

Bangle Bracelet Flask -This wearable drinking flask is perfect for a night out. It’s available in 9 different colors, starting at $13.99 *** this shouldn’t have to be said but here we are…please drink responsibly ***

Card Pipe & Stash -The card shaped pipe and stash card are both super creative and very discreet ways to enjoy your flower on the go.

Day Collar - If you’re into BDSM, being collared by your partner is kind of a pivotal moment. Day Collars are a discreet alternative to the collars typically used in BDSM sex-play.

Drink Cover Scrunchie - A two in one personal protection accessory, the NightCap is a hair tie and a drink lid for covering your drinks when you’re out.
Lipstick Vibrator - This mini lipstick shaped personal massager from Tracy’s Dog is discreet and rechargeable.

Stash Necklace - The Vessel Necklace from Forged Coast is a cute, air tight, smell proof way to stash your goodies for on the go use. Available in gold and silver.

Stash Scrunchie - A two in one personal protection accessory, the stash scrunchie is a hair tie with a tiny pocket for stashing your valuables.

Vibrator Necklace -The Crave Vesper from Love Crave is a stainless steel, rechargeable, engravable vibrator that is also a very fashionable statement piece. This vibrating necklace is available in silver, bronze, and gold; starting at $69.00.

Vibrator Ring -The Palma from Unbound Babes is a fashion ring and vibrator on the go; available in gold and silver.

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