Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Art: Celebrating Frida Kahlo

It’s Frida Kahlo’s birthday (July 6th); she’s an inspiration and a fellow cancerian, so it’s only right that we celebrate her. Frida’s fearlessness and uniqueness is what I admire the most about her; it seems she lived unapologetically and wasn’t afraid to be herself which is what I strive for daily. Check out these upcoming Frida Kahlo events in Texas:

Frida Festival -Houston (4/8)  more info
Frida Love Market -Houston  (6/11)
Frida’s 115th Painting Party -Houston 7/6  more info
Frida Fest -San Antonio (7/9-10)  more info
Día De La Frida -Houston (7/17)
Friday Frida ATX -Austin (Weekly)

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