Tuesday, February 7, 2017

7 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Hey My Romance Loving Butterflies! So love day is a week away and since I met my love on Valentine's Day it's one of my favorite holidays. Last year I shared a Valentine's OOTD with you guys, this year I was thinking of a few different ways to celebrate the day without sticking to the usual routine or over spending. Here are seven different unconventional ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.

1.) KISS- Keep It Simple Silly - I actually follow the KISS method when it comes to most holidays and pretty much everyday life especially since adapting the minimalist lifestyle. A lot of times we get so wrapped up in making grand plans and buying expensive gifts that we don't really get to just be in the moment and enjoy what's going on around us. However you choose to celebrate the day, KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY.
If you don't have money for an expensive gift, don't stress over it and definitely don't go into debt over it. Instead, be in the moment and find a simple way of expressing your love like simply telling your love that you love them and all the reasons why.

2.) Ditch the Flowers & Chocolates - For most, the go to Valentine's Day gifts are cards, stuffed animals,  roses, chocolates and jewelry. Instead, put the money you would have spent on gifts into a joint savings account and make your significant other a heartfelt handmade gift which I'm sure they'll appreciate even more. Write your love a letter or a poem, make their favorite meal or dessert or create a picture collage of fun times you've shared. Back when cds were popular (omg I feel so old 🙁) I used to make my love mix cds of songs that reminded me of him/us or moments we shared.

3.) Get Sweaty - No, not in the raunchy way although that's not a bad idea either lol. Starting the day with cardio is a great way to wake your brain/body up and get you ready to take on the day. So grab your significant other by the hand and go for a morning walk, run, or jog. If running isn't your thing, do some early spring cleaning with your love and try to de-clutter your space as much as possible. Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

4.) Treat Yourself - You've probably noticed I say that a lot and it's because I'm a firm believer in self love, there's no other love like it. How can you love anyone else if you don't even love yourself? Use Valentine's Day as a day to love on yourself, go get pampered, eat something you've been depriving yourself of, buy that thing you've been wanting to get for yourself but you have been faithful to your budget or treat yourself to a weekend getaway to somewhere on your travel bucket list.

5.) Make a Five Plan - Planning is a good way to set goals for yourself and/or your relationship. A five year plan is basically making a list of things you want to do or accomplish and giving yourself a deadline. This will help you discover what's really important to you or your significant other and keep you focused on achieving your life goals.

6.) Try Something New - Unless you have some sort of Valentine's Day tradition, I say skip dinner and a movie because let's be honest, you could probably do that any time. Instead, try something different like a cooking, painting or pottery class. Trying something new while making memories is often cooler than doing the usual routine. Groupon is a good place to start when looking for something new to do.

7.) Make Your Move - If you and your partner are sexually active and your partner is usually the one that initiates sex, try taking charge and seduce your lover. One of my go to relationship intimacy books was written by an associate of mine some years ago; Alphabet Gumbo is an A-Z guide to keeping your relationship going strong and one of my favorite intimacy boutiques is Adam & Eve, they have tons of tips and tools (literally lol) that are sure to spice things up. Also CostumeSuperCenter has some sexy lingerie costumes that are great for role playing if you really want to spice things up.

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